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  1. 280918-Ben-Pledger-150x150It would be an understatement to say that the weather hasn't been playing ball over the past month.

    At time of writing, I have growers who have absolutely nothing drilled, through to a few who have just about planted all of the winter cereals that they had planned to.

    Wet conditions are seeing crops drilled into cloddy seed-beds, which won't get rolled before the spring.

  2. Alice Cannon WaddingworthTen leading drill manufacturers are taking part in a trial in Lincolnshire to see how different machines perform when growing cover crops in the rotation.

    The field-scale trial is part of ongoing work at Farmacy's Waddingworth demonstration site, at A & A W Pritchard's Redhouse Farm near Woodhall Spa, which for the past three years has hosted various trials investigating the effectiveness of cover cropping options.

  3. Charles WrightCharles Wright is a Farmacy Agronomist based in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire delivering a holistic approach to crop management for his clients. He predicts low establishment of autumn-sown crops after such a wet month, so seek out solutions.

    I was determined when I started to write this piece not to talk too much about how challenging it is on farm at the moment – phone calls from clients and colleagues at the minute are very much orientated around frustration and negativity, but at least people are talking.

  4. 280918-Ben-Pledger-150x150The oilseed rape crops I have in the area look well, in general. Most were drilled into moisture or had rain straight after drilling.

    A move back to establishing the crop with a conventional drill, rather than with a subsoiler or one-pass cultivator, has led to more even seed placement, and hence, even emergence. This has allowed the crop to fare better against the flea beetle pressures we have seen in the past few years.